How Seamoss Changed My Life…

Hi. My name is Benjamin.

Simply put, sea moss saved my life by giving me a means of income by which I could provide for myself and my family. It’s been an extremely hard road financially over the past year, having gone through a divorce, the whole pandemonium of whatever 2020 was, a spiritual transformation or two, and a series of situations that at times were very much exacerbated by the specter of a diminishing income.

All while having to take care of my paralyzed mother whose health and mobility was fading. There was the loss of my home and car with nothing else to lean on but the idea that I ought to be able to win while sticking to my ideals and vision about a product that yields such amazing results for all who habitually consume it. I’m talking about seamoss.

From a health perspective, I simply haven’t been able to get sick since I started taking it late in 2019. I followed the general instructions I found online…”Take 1 to 2 tablespoons daily, and if you start to feel something come on, double the dosage.”

On a couple occasions I felt something come on, followed the instructions, and to my surprise…it worked! I began making it for others casually and loved hearing the results it gave. Things I didn’t even know it was supposed to do!

Seamoss is just a magical sort of organism. Eating it has helped to eradicate aches and pains, rid me of mucus, delivered needed energy, cleared up my skin, and has just given me an overall feeling of vitality and good health.

Now so much financial loss over this year, I’ve learned to lean on this product as a means of provision. It’s been quite humbling losing a house, a car, and and a few “friends”.

I’ve gone from making over $100k in corporate America, back to the restaurant industry, to Uber, to walking the edge of homelessness all in a short period of time. I found myself in the most desperate time of my life, and remembered the voice of a couple early customers of mine encouraging me to go full force with this as COVID created the perfect environment in our culture and consciousness for this seeming “cure” for pandemic to take off. People needed a boost in their immune systems, and this algae was just what the Doctor (Sebi!) ordered.

While riding the Marta after the Juneteenth festival, I was inspired by two people I met, and the vision for City Sea Moss literally fell in my lap. The transmutation of the desperation I felt into the vision and promise I found was enough to propel me forward. By following my intuition, hustle, and remembering what the Divine Feminine spoke into my life, I found a way I can serve my people and build a brand at the same damn time!

I’m truly blessed to be able to serve and support others, rather than settling on another unfulfilling job, or hustling weed and shrooms just to get by. I get to fill a void in the culture and do what I’ve been saying was my purpose for years…to “Raise the vibration of mankind”. I’m blessed to do that with sea moss.

Give Thanks!