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Promoting Healthy Living in Urban Spaces

City Sea Moss

Our Mission

When it comes to promoting a healthy, energetic lifestyle, Sea Moss is one of Nature’s most powerful superfoods.
City Sea Moss is on a mission to promote healthy lifestyles in urban spaces where, more often than not, a limited scope of healthy food options are norm. In many places, Health Foods is a category in a severely limited spectrum of variety – not to mention quality.

We at City Sea Moss live by the mantra “Health IS Wealth.” Health Foods as a category has always been at the center of discussions around the resiliency of our immune system. This is part of the story of why we focus on sea moss. The rest of our mission is ongoing, but the goal has always been simple:

To Promote A Resilient, Long Term Healthy Lifestyle.

“To Make Health Poppin’!”

Our mission is to not just “normalize” but popularize healthy habits in urban communities. We are committed to raising the vibration of humankind, starting with what they put in their particular lifestyle (and mouth!).

Be Well Royalty!


Benefits of Sea moss

City Sea Moss

Nature’s Wild-Crafted Superfood

There is so much to say about sea moss that the usual answer for one who hasn’t heard is “Google It.” However we really don’t like to sell based on what the internet says, so below you’ll find results based on what customers have experienced it.


Who we are

Our goal is to introduce this powerful healing plant and others like it to urban and Hip-Hop culture. In the spirit of Dr. Sebi, Nipsey Hussle, and other “Wellness Warriors” alike, (Shout out @SupaNovaSlom), we are dedicated to sourcing the very best medicinal grade herbs, algae and vegetables in the array of products we serve: from gel, drink, smoothies, tonics and topical product for the skin, hair, and nails.

“The healer you have been waiting for is your own courage to know and love yourself Completely.

-Yung Pueblo